"We Clean The Scuff Out of Your Carpet!"

Customer Reviews

Quotes I would HIGHLY recommend Binion's Carpet & Upholstery Services. The service was fantastic! Professional, they took the time to get the difficult stains OUT and they did what I contracted for over the phone, NO SURPRISES!Our carperts are OLD, like 10 years old and between the grandkids and animals and just wear and tear over the years, we have stains that we thought would never come out. We have had other carpet cleaners in that cleaned the carpets and did an ok job but the stains have never come out. Binion's to our disbelief got our old 5-6-7 year stains completely OUT! The carpets look almost new again. I was worried about getting the carpets and floors wet then the stains showing up after the carpets dried, but this is the best our carpets have looked in YEARS. And we tried the dry chemicals and steaming only systems that say how great they are. They did a Great Job, and as a result, I will be calling them back in 6 months to do it again. 5 Stars Here!!! Quotes
Scotty N.

Quotes Thank you so much for the excellent services that you provided. I was totally interested when you told me you use only natural products which is good for kids and animals. When you removed those difficult spots from my carpet that my dog had made, I knew I had contacted the right company. Thanks again for your services. Quotes
Marion Flanigan
Customer Service and Sales Representative

Quotes Needed quick service and Binion's responded. Do not hesitate to call this great company for carpet cleaning as their work is professional. You can count on it. Quotes
Brad Chester

Quotes Amazing work! Professional, courteous, detailed, reasonable pricing! Thank you! Quotes
Jamie Beacham
Household CEO

Quotes I have been cleaning my carpets with a home carpet cleaner and thought I was doing a good job! Patrick showed me the difference professional service through Binion's Carpet & Upholstery Services make. Being green was a plus, but the proof was in the end result. I am soo pleased, none of the stains treated came back (you know how it looks great wet and when it dries, the little circle shows where the stain was). My carpets are clean enough to go barefoot now. And the freshness from the green products is great! I will definately use Binion's for future carpet and upholstery cleaning. My next job will be dry cleaning my curtains though. Sincerely, D.Inge Quotes
Dawnn Inge

Quotes I was pleasantly surprised by Mr Binion promptness and professionalism. Upon arrival he gave his professional analysis of the services that were needed to satisfy my concerns. Mr Binion even told me not to get a few services that I thought may need sacrificing profit to build a reputable brand for himself I made Mr Binion aware of a tough pet stain that had been in my home for a year. I tried all common household products to remove the stain to no avail. Mr. Binion treated the stain and after ten minutes I haven't seen the stain since it was almost magical couldn't believe the stain that haunted me for year is now gone !!!!! Thank Mr.binion Quotes
Brian Green
Satisfied customer

Quotes We contracted Binion's Carpet & Upholstery Services to clean the carpets & rugs in our house. We had spots & ink marks in several rooms. We had this done while we were on vacation which should tell you how much we trust Mr. Binion. It's hard to find that these days & we appreciate him! When we got back, my carpets were clean!! I am kind of freaky about cleanliness & I was pleased! I also like the fact that he uses environment friendly products, which I'm freaky about chemicals! I highly recommend using this service!! Quotes
Mandy Eaton
Hard working & very trustworthy!!