"We Clean The Scuff Out of Your Carpet!"


Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is our specialty.  To keep your home safe for your family.... We use naturally derived, biodegradable non-toxic cleaning products. These products have proven to clean better than traditional cleaning products without the side effects associated with the use of toxic chemical cleaners.  Our chemicals are safe for everyone, even newborn babies.  We have more suction power than a truck mount, with the mobility of a shopping cart. Our portable machine can go places that others can't.  Let us show you the POWER! Give us a call, or email us for a quote at [email protected].

Auto Detailing

Without our customers, we would not be successful.  To maintain customer satisfaction, we provide a variety of services created to accommodate our clients’ needs.  Now, we offer our Auto Detailing Service.  Our skilled staff members are able to apply their vast knowledge toward top-rate service for all of our customers.  To further ensure valuable service, we only use the highest-quality, eco-friendly products.  We use our portable hot water extractor machine to do the job quick and professionally.  

Commercial & Residential Cleaning

Imagine an office where employees feel healthy, productivity is high, and customers are satisfied. At Binion's Carpet & Upholstery Services, LLC. we want to make that your reality. Whether it is reducing employee sick days through infection control and sanitization, extending the life of your carpet and other floor surfaces, or using environmentally healthy products, we understand the power of a clean and healthy work environment. Not only that, but we listen to your unique needs and can provide specialty services ranging from post-construction clean-up to carpet spot removal.

Interior/Exterior Painting

Paint can transform any room in your home. It's an easy way to give a space a quick yet impactful decorating makeover.  Painting a room is more than just picking the right colors.  A successful paint job also involves using the right tools and techniques.  We shall provide our standard interior painting ideas, procedure, and quality work for every projects.  Our expertise and our prices separates us from our competition.

Mattress & Rug Cleaning

mattresses and Rugs are big investments, so choosing A professional cleaning service is a major decision.  Instead of throwing your old mattresses and/or rugs out and buying a new ones, spend less money and get it professionally cleaned.

Pressure Washing

We take pride in offering our pressure washing services to our commercial and residential clients.  
In addition to excellent property cleaning, we specialize in wood and deck restoration and refinishing. Our goals are simple, we strive to leave your world cleaner than we found it while providing excellent customer service.